Evolution is a very important part of the history of food.  Mediterranean cuisine wouldn’t be the same without the products from America. Peruvian cuisine was influenced by the Japanese.  Spanish by Arabs, Asian cuisine by the Chinese, and so it goes on...

Evolution is also part of our menu.  The menu at Urbane cannot be labelled by a country or style.  We use techniques we like the most, whether modern or traditional, French or Japanese and with products well known in Australia and some not so well known.  We mostly use seasonal produce made or grown in Australia, preferably in Queensland, focusing on the best products we can source.

We really care about our environmental impact we have at Urbane.  That’s why we support small local producers.  We recycle through our self contained composting unit, processing food waste on-site!  The organic unit decomposes and homogenises (composts) food and waste in an aerobic environment.  We are also consious of using specific suppliers, growing our own herbs and have installed a beehive on the roof of the restaurant, creating our own honey for your food.

For us, food should be enjoyable and easy.  We want our guests to experience new products and techniques so they can take something away with them after dining with us, whether it be a new taste sensation or just a happy memory of a superb meal.

We hope you enjoy your dining experience.

The Urbane Team